Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who Stole the Men?

Some disturbing stats (taken from Mark Driscoll's talk two weeks ago):

• There are 11-13 million MORE women Christians in the US than men

Women are:

• 100% more likely than men to be involved in DISCIPLESHIP
• 56% more likely than men to be involved in CHURCH LEADERSHIP
• 54% more likely than men to be involved in SMALL GROUPS
• 39% more likely than men to HAVE A NORMAL DEVOTIONAL/QUIET TIME
• 33% more likely than men to VOLUNTEER AT CHURCH
• 29% more likely than men to READ THEIR BIBLES
• 29% more likely than men to ATTEND CHURCH
• 29% more likely than men to SHARE THEIR FAITH
• 29% more likely than men to GIVE FINANCIALLY TO A CHURCH

If your heart doesn't break when you read those stats then... well I don't know but it is way sad.

So here are my TWO QUESTIONS:

1) What are we doing wrong? (including in Campus Crusade for Christ since we have men and women pass through our ranks)

2) What do we need to do to fix it? (Assuming you believe the kingdom of God is meant to be populated equally by men and women)


Blogger RevyRev said...

Sobering facts Kristie.

Here are some thoughts. I had to stop myself short or else i would go on forever.

The sin of Men is avoid responsibility for their church, family and others. Instead much like Adam men hide from accountability and responsibility. Instead he covers himself with fig leaves and diverts blame on others.

Christian leadership is often not seen as contending for the gospel, fighting off the Dragon, defending the church from heretics, taking shots from those who oppose Christianity. Squaring-off wolves and predators before they pick off those under your care.

Christian discipleship often focuses on therapy, sentimental love. It doesn't focus on stewardship, and sacrifice.

Love is defined as a sentimental feeling. It is not defined as an action of responsibility, sacrifice, and action that reflects Christ's mission to die for people and the Father's glory.

Naturally all this talk about God's loves seems really effeminate because love is not biblically defined. When the world hears about God’s love they see something else other than the biblical Jesus.

Church men who are restless and challenging the norm are ignored, disciplined, or processed. Instead restless men should be empowered and released to take responsibility for their convictions and do something new and innovative.

Justice and anger are shunned instead understood in a biblical way. (for example Jesus was both angry and judgmental in a way that is not understood today)

The backlash movement of Christian masculinity is focused too much on the "find yourself", "listen to your heart", "get to together and have a pow-wow". Its too much movie-watching Wild-At-Heart and not enough "pick up your cross and die for others like a man".

Men don't pick up their Bible and seek God's aid because they don't believe they have to fight for their own soul and the souls of others by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Men aren't confronted and told they are wrong, or they are acting like heretics, or living like a unbeliever. Men are not confronted with sin, and they do not know what it means to confront sin in love and genuine, humble concern for others.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Kristie said...

Thanks Rev, but it was DJ that did the post...

Thanks DJ, this is really great stuff.

I am reading The Feminist Mistake, and I think part of the problem is feminism ---in our culture at large and in the church. Feminists have taken aim at "patriarchy" in our culture and declared the cause of all of women's problems. Patriarchy in our culture is a bad thing.

Women have become the initiators and conquerors in our society. Men in turn have become more passive.

Afterall, if a woman can support herself and have a career as well as have "freedom" sexually to have as many partners without any commitment....then where does that leave men? They don't need to work hard to support a family or prove to a woman they are responsible. Heck, hey don't need to make any kind of long term commitments. And if they do make a mistake in marriage, there is always "no fault" divorce.

This lack of commitment and lack of taking responsiblity is perpetuated in future generations....where kids grow up in homes where both parents work outside the home or the parents are divorced....Dad is under no obligation to really stick around. So his son learns to behave the same uncommitted way in his relationships. Daughters learn that they must fend for themselves and become their own goddess if they are ever to make it in this world.

So enter the church....what can we expect of people when they come to church? They are not used to a Biblical structure where men actually take responsiblity and lead within the church.

9:40 PM  
Blogger RevyRev said...

Sorry Kristie i though i saw your name on the article.

I've also heard this statistic from a International Mission Board personel and from a Operation Mobilization represtative.

1 out of 10 single missionaries currently serving overseas are men, leaving 9 out of 10 are single women on the mission field.

I haven't found the statistic online (yet). If its true that's pretty sad.

2:40 PM  
Blogger omo said...

I definitely think masculinity is being attacked in our culture. It's effects are overflowing into the church. However, to better understand these statistics I would love to know how many women there are in the US, and also where Mark found those statistics... But, I know this is a blog and not an academic journal.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Pablo said...

I wonder what these statistics would be 100 years ago or even 50 years ago. I suspect they are not as dramatic which would support the feminist theory. Do they quote these statistics in that book Kristie?

1:56 PM  
Blogger RJKinder said...

That's incredible. I don't know why, but I thought it was the other way around. Anyway, if I had to take a guess as to why this is, it would probably be this:

Unfortunately, men are more autonomous creatures, both physically and emotionally. Men have to be more macho and the breadwinner and the strong ones, and so they become autonomous to the point where they no longer prperly submit to God and his decrees. This would be true (or at least consistent) with the facts about how many more Christian women there are than men.
Women, on the other hand, are decreed and created by God as more likely to be submissive, or at least dependent. According to the theory, then, I guess they would be more apt to follow God's calling rather than trying to take everything into their own hands.

In practice, women are also far more humble and depend on each other a lot more than men for support. In their humility and edification through small groups and reliance upon God, they would probably grow better spiritually than men. One cannot dare go out to the mission field ("100% more women on the mission field than men") without first becoming humble and seeking God and good fellowship, so this might be one reason.

Anyway, while we shouldn't compromise our manliness in the form of femininity, we need to come to God broken, as a child. Leonard Ravenhill once said that no man is better than his prayer life. I would add that no man is better than his submission towards God and His will for us. If we learned to submit to God and listen to Him as humbly and selflessly as the women, our numbers would increase.

5:06 PM  
Blogger RevyRev said...

RJ said: Men have to be more macho and the breadwinner and the strong ones, and so they become autonomous to the point where they no longer prperly submit to God and his decrees.

RJ, I was arguing the opposite. Men who are breadwinners are not "autonomous" rather they PROVIDE for their family and the chuch.

Modern day macho is acually androgenous because it doesn't take responsibility to care for others.

Moreover lets not forget that God who created the manto be responsible for his work, his wife and his church. Too many men are independant because they are cowards... not because they are macho, Like Adam cowarding from God and blaming the woman.

The issue isn't sumbission or independance, its responsibility.

11:36 PM  

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